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Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2005, 01:09 pm
xdeadseriousx: Saddam wanted to be heir to Nebuchadnezer

My mom is watching a video about Revelation and Prophecy and the guy speaking is talking about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Saddam thought of himself as the present day Nebuchadnezer. Saddam had himself photographed not long ago in a war chariot of Nebuchadnezer. In the bible the Jewish prophet Isaah said that babylon would never be rebuilt (Isaah chap 13). Saddam wanted to prove the bible wrong and crown himself the king of the arabs. Every time he tried to rebuild babylon a war broke out. He tried rebuilding it a second time and the second Iraq war broke out. He's not going to get a third chance at it. It's amazing how people try to prove the bible wrong and they continuously fail at it.

So there's another reason we went to war, we had to fulfill prophecy! Even though Bush doesn't think of this as a holy war, it sorta is.

Interesting page from free republic about Saddam and Nebuchadnezer