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Wed, Feb. 8th, 2006, 02:11 pm
xdeadseriousx: Bush Bashing

Wow, this whole time I thought palestinians were the only ones who used caskets for non-casket activities, like casket surfing.

This week at Coreta Scott King's Funeral, liberals one upped the palestinians and used a casket as a podium for Bush Bashing.

This got me wondering, "what other fun things can you do with caskets?" Here's some of my ideas:

Use it as a giant pinewood derby car!

Add an extra pantry to your house!

Put a glass cover on it and show off your beanie baby collection!

Burry it 6 feet under and use it as a bomb shelter!

It'd make a great container for candy at halloween!

If you live in New Orleans you can use it as an ark for the next hurricane!