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Wed, Aug. 31st, 2005, 02:28 pm
xdeadseriousx: Mother Earth Punishes the US

Apparently, according to Robert Kennedy, hurricane Katrina happened because the US didn't sign the Kyoto treaty. I wonder what evidence he has as proof for that logic. Did he have a talk with Mother Earth, where she confided in him that she was going to send her daughter, Katrina, to punish the US for not signing the treaty? Yes he did, and here's what was said.

Bobby K: Oh holiest mother I bow down to your southern pole in honor of your ruler-ship over me.
Mama Earth: Your pathetic groveling pleases me. Come my minion, sit with me and talk.
Bobby K. Oh holiest mother, ruler of this earth, I give my life to you. I have tried, in your name, to get the world to acknowledge your supremacy over our species, but there is one country who will not acknowledge your glory.
Mama Earth: What country dares to not acknowledge my rule of this earth?
Bobby K: The country of United States my holiest mother.
Mama Earth: This displeases your mother. I will send my daughter, Katrina, as a warning of my power. The ignorance of not signing their country over to me has will not go unpunished. I will send my daughter to attack the southeastern part of the country, and I will continue sending offspring until they sign Contract Kyoto. As it is written in liberal prophecy, let it begin.
Bobby K: Oh holiest mother, you are all wise and powerful. PAISE MAMA! PRAISE MAMA! PRAISE MAMA!
Mama Earth: Now be gone with you, and warn of my dominance.